Source control error in VS2008 and Windows 7 x64

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I have installed Windows 7 x64 RTM in my work machine and… Surprise! Team Explorer wouldn’t work.

The settings were disabled and when I tried to connect to a server BOOOOOM!

Microsoft Visual Studio
Unexpected error encountered. It is recommended that you restart the application as soon as possible.

Error: Access is denied.

File: vsee\pkgs\vssproviderstub\cvssproviderstubpackage.cpp

Line number: 528


This is the kind of errors that I love.

After uninstalling and installing and reinstalling and again installing VS2008 and Team Client and… nothing worked.

Finally, after searching everywhere, I found in the msdn forums someone that had a similar problem. What a relieve, I wasn’t the only one (it seems a smaller problem when you aren’t the only one with it).

As a solution, K. Renno indicated to run a command to skip loading some packages:

devenv.exe /resetskippkgs

Or to generate a report:
devenv.exe /resetskippkgs  /log C:\devenv-log.txt

After that, Visual Studio could start normally without using the /resetskippkgs setting.


Good Luck!